Sep 11, 2010


Always, I have been counting - how much sacrifices I am doing in life and what for???
I'm looking all over around me and I am thinking: Am I good with my life????
If I don't like it, I have to change my direction immediately.
I tried a lot of things until now. Starting from let's say 18 years old.
It is difficult to stop from doing changes, if you feel that you are not accomplished.
All the time I sacrificed something. Many times I had to work very hard to feel that I am growing.
I'm still changing things in my life. I realize that I haven't been trying everything to make my life beautiful, yet.
Now I will make a very important step in my life through a new trade. A new world of people which I was wishing to enter in from some time.
Right in this moments when I am writing this words, I am in Milano.
In this city I am going to study fashion. Everything I need to know about the fashion.
I hope it will be like I wish to be.
From now on, I will write about my lessons of life from here, my dreams which could be your dreams also and other staff I have to fight with.
I will be very happy if someone else gonna change his life to be better by reading what I am writing here about me.

I wish you a lot of good things in your life :)))))))))))

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