Jan 22, 2011


Did you notice how hard it is to take decisions? The most part of the people are thinking very hard when they have to take a decision in their life. And I am referring here to very serious aspects of our lives, not decisions about what type of ice cream they should eat (even if this could be a hard decision for me to take :)). We are thinking over and over, we are asking the other around us what they think about a specific issue, we are changing our minds over night about taking another decision, we are crying or we are silent, we have our own way of processing, but for most of us is not easy to say: I have decided in 1 min and the decision is that!

What could be so hard? Maybe because we can't erase periods of our lives like we do with the words on the paper or screen :), maybe because we can't go back in time and change the decision, maybe because we are afraid to assume the consequences that come with the decision, maybe we don't like to decide for us, we need others to do that, or maybe this means to be human: to have doubts, to be insecure, to be reluctant to change, to search and ask, etc.

Anyway, there are some cases when we are not proud of our decisions, or vice versa. But what is making the difference between winners and losers is the fact that the winners are acting in a way or another, they are assuming the responsibility of a bad decision and are transforming that into a new challenge or opportunity for development and success! We are not perfect and we will never know which is the best decision we can take every time, but we can try to evaluate things from different perspectives, in a constructive way, we can be positive as much as we can (try hard, it works!), and we can be sure that every decision is a good one if we now how to deal with the consequences!

Did I take a good decision when I changed my direction in life doing something completely different? Could be an yes or a no who knows, but at least I tried and I am positive when I thinking about my future!

Take decisions and be proud of them! Don't wait in silence someone else to decide for you!

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